Kajona V4 Development Blog

Developers conference taking place 31.10.2014 - 02.11.2014 in Essen, Germany [read more]
An updated search and profound updates to the system-kernel are part and parcel of the release. [read more]
We moved our sourcecode from subversion to git [read more]
V4.5 will provide a new way to throw events and to listen to events. [read more]
A new search and a simplified message center are two focuses of the new release. [read more]
Outlook on the new index-based search coming with Kajona 4.4 [read more]
And once more, a year reaches the last days. And once more, it's time to write a small retrospection. [read more]
The nightly builds for v3 won't be updated anymore [read more]
An overhauled backend and an enhanced portal-editor complement the web application framework [read more]
Use Kajona without the portal-part and build a web application based on the powerful backend-framework. [read more]
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