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110% green open source. Our sources are open to everybody - no secrets, no bad surprises.
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From zero to Kajona in just a few minutes. See our quick installation guide for more information.
The template engine transforms your layout into web. With just plain html and a few extra tweaks.
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Security update

An XXS bug was found in module system and module eventmanager [read more]

Kajona Community Repository

Upload and share your templates, modules and element using the Kajona User Repository [read more]

Kajona V5.0 "phartastic" released

Version 5.0 marks the beginning of a new era. Despite a complete rewritten fundament, Kajona V5 ships with an overhauled portal-editor and a new template-engine, rewritten from scratch. [read more]

Kajona DevCon 2015

Planung und Anmeldung haben begonnen [read more]

Kajona V4.7 "springtide" available

A refactored backend improves the rendering on mobile devices. [read more]

Issues moved to GitHub

The old tracker is no longer in use [read more]

Latest code changes

NEW: system | Session.php -> code style
NEW: system | Session.php -> the php session is only opened in case o…
moved modules flash, tagto, tellafriend and userlist to the graveyard…
UPDATE: module_basicauthentication | metadata.xml > update to 5.1
Merge branch 'features/wizard_form' of github.com:kajona/kajonacms
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