Reference: Formentries

Name Since Description
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryAutoheadline 4.5 Generates a headline out of a properties' value
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryButton 4.3 A simple button element
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryCheckbox 4.0 Simple checkbox element
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryCheckboxarray 4.8 Renders a list of objects as an array of checkboxes, e.g. assignments
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryCheckboxarrayObjectList 5.1 Renders a standard table containing a checkbox and the display name of the object
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryDate 4.1 Date-Input with date-picker
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryDatetime 4.1 Like Date but with two inputs to set a time (HH:MM), too
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryDivider 4.0 Graphical element to separate form-entries from each other
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryDropdown 4.0 Dropdown of values, one value is selectable
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryFile 4.0 File-Input field to upload a file
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryFiledropdown 4.7 A dropdown to select a file from a list of files in a given folder. The folder is passed using the annotation@fieldSourceDir (e.g. /project/images)
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryFloat 4.4 Allows the input of a formatted float value, full i18n support
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryHeadline 4.0 Headline-Element to group formentries (h2)
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryHidden 4.0 Hidden element to pass additional values
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryImage 4.0 An image-selector, linking the mediamanager module and includes the direct cropping and image-editing of the selected value
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryInt 6.2 Allows the input of a formatted int value, full i18n support
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryMonthYearDropdown 4.4 Renders two dropdown boxes in order to change date, one for the month, the other for the year.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryMultiselect 4.2 List of values, many are selectable
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryObjectlist 4.7 For properties of type @objectlist. Makes the assigned objects visible in the form with the possbility to add and remove assignments
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryPage 4.0 Page-Selctor, text-input with autocomplete and select-popup
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryPassword 4.0 Password input field
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryPlaintext 4.3 Use this formentry to inject plaintext into the html-output. May be used to add js-script tags and code.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentrySubheadline 4.7 Headline-Element to nest headlines
Kajona\Pages\Admin\Formentries\FormentryTemplate 4.3 A dropdown rendering a list of possible templates for a single element / field. May be parametrized by @fieldTemplateDir passing the relevant folder (e.g. /element_rssfeed)
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryText 4.0 Text-input field, single line
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryTextrow 4.3 Formentry useable as a graphical element, adds a line or paragaph of text to the current output.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryToggleButtonbar 4.7 Returns a toggle button bar which can be used in the same way as an multiselect but with better useability
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryToggleonoff 4.4 A graphical on/off toggle switch. Same behaviour as a checkbox but with a more user-friendly appearance.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryUpload 4.5 A simple file-upload entry
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryUser 4.2 User-selector with auto-complete
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryTextarea 4.0 Text-input field, multiline
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryWysiwyg 4.3 Complex text-editor with markup options, full option set. Pass a different config / option set by using the @wysiwygConfig annotation.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryWysiwygsmall 4.0 Complex text-editor with markup options, reduced option set. Deprecated in favour of wysiwyg in combination with the @wysiwygConfig annotation.
Kajona\System\Admin\Formentries\FormentryYesno 4.0 Dropdown prefilled with yes / no
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