Since april 2014 we moved our sourcecode from subversion to git.
Our git-repository is currently located at our GitHub profile:‚Äč

To clone the repository, feel free to use the url

Pull-requests will be processed as fast as possible. As usual we appreciate all your input and look forward to your contributions.

Create a project out of the Git sources

Compared to our official releases the version located in the git repository comes with a slightly modified/minified structure. But: It's a piece of cake to create a fully fleged project out of the Git-repo. Just follow the next few steps and you'll be done:
  • Create a folder used to store the later Kajona project, e.g. "kajona"
  • Create a folder named "core" within the folder created before, e.g. "kajona/core"
  • Clone the Git-repo inside the core-folder using the following command:
    "git clone ."
  • The folder "kajona/core" should now be filled with a structure similar to:
    • /_debugging
    • /module_system
    • /module_pages
    • /module_samplecontent
    • /module_system
    • /module_tags
    • .htaccess
    • bootstrap.php
    • setupproject.php
  • Open the file "kajona/core/setupproject.php" using the webbrowser of your choice (btw, you could run this script on the command line, too).
    After a few log-outputs, your "kajona" folder is now setup like a real Kajona project, so there should be a structure similar to
    • /core (as created manually)
    • /files
    • /project
    • /templates
    • .htaccess
    • debug.php
    • image.php
    • index.php
    • installer.php
    • xml.php

Done! All you have to do is to fire up your browser, opening the file "kajona/installer.php" and the installer will guide you through the process.
Whenever you make change to below /core, don't forget to create a pull-request with all those changes - and be sure to earn the glory!

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