Kajona V4 packages

In order to keep a V4 system up to date, the following V4 packages will remain available on our website. Additionally, the packages are available using the packagemanagement of Kajona V4. Security updates will be pushed to this packages until the EOL of Kajona V4 is reached.
_debugging.zip 53.07 KB Download 0 (0)
directorybrowser 6.69 KB Download 0 (0)
A simple element to render the content of a folder on the filesystem.
Version: 1.4
facebooklikebox 6.22 KB Download 0 (0)
Want a "like my page on facebook" button on your site? Then this element is yours.
Version: 4.7
flash 9.68 KB Download 0 (0)
Embed flash movies into the website.
Version: 4.7
form 14.27 KB Download 0 (0)
A simple element providing a contact form. May be used to develop other forms, too.
Version: 4.7.1
languageswitch 10.15 KB Download 0 (0)
A simple element to switch the portal-language. Provides a basic logic to avoid language-switches when no content is available in other languages. Takes care of possible languagesets, e.g. for module news.
Version: 4.7
lastmodified 6.29 KB Download 0 (0)
Renders the date of the pages' last modification.
Version: 4.7
maps 10.82 KB Download 0 (0)
Displays a map, provides a simple api to to geo-lookups (Yahoo, Google).
Version: 4.7
mediaplayer 257.63 KB Download 0 (0)
Embed media elements (e.g. movies) into the website using a simple flash-player. Please note that this element makes use of the JWPlayer, you have to respect the projects' licence (http://www.longtailvideo.com/jw-player/)
Version: 4.7
portallogin 16.20 KB Download 0 (0)
Creates a login-form on your portal-page. If enabled, users are able to change their profile-data and may request a new password (password forgotten functionality).
Version: 4.7.1
portalregistration 14.87 KB Download 0 (0)
Allows users to sign up and create an account using the portal.
Version: 4.7
portalupload 65.21 KB Download 0 (0)
Provides a way to allow users to upload their own files into the mediamanager via the portal, so without accessing the backend.
Version: 4.7
rssfeed 11.06 KB Download 0 (0)
Include external rss-/atom feeds into your website. This element is used by the complex-pageelement tutorial.
Version: 4.7
tagto 5.00 KB Download 0 (0)
A simple element embedding a "tag to service X" box to the current page, e.g. to facebook, google...
Version: 4.7
tellafriend 12.25 KB Download 0 (0)
Generates a form to send a mail-notification about the current page to friends.
Version: 4.7

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