Kajona V5 packages

Kajona packages are available using the integrated packagemanagement, too. There's no need to download a package manually.
You may add your own packages using "My Kajona", the userbased package repository.
A simple element to switch the portal-language. Provides a basic logic to avoid language-switches when no content is available in other languages. Takes care of possible languagesets, e.g. for module…
Adds support for basic http authentication. Therefore an event-listener checks for authentication headers when processing the request and tries to login the user.
Version: 6.2
Provides a way to allow users to upload their own files into the mediamanager via the portal, so without accessing the backend.
Version: 6.2
Core of the Kajona framework. By default, the system-packages includes several modules, e.g. system, permissions, user, messaging and languages.

When updating from 5.0 to 5.1 or performin…
Displays a map, provides a simple api to to geo-lookups (Yahoo, Google).
Version: 6.2
A module analyzing the portal in order to gather statistical data. Renders charts and other visual reports.
Version: 6.2
Module which helps to build a wizard form.
Version: 5.2
Allows users to sign up and create an account using the portal.
Version: 6.2
QR Codes may be used to generate images containing text-information such as links.
Version: 6.2
The mediamanager is a central place to handle all kind of files. This includes images for galleries or even a download-manager.
If you have the package "qr-code" installed, the download…
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