Kajona V5 packages

Kajona packages are available using the integrated packagemanagement, too. There's no need to download a package manually.
You may add your own packages using "My Kajona", the userbased package repository.
ezComponents charting engine. Used to render charts on the server-side, generating an image. Makes use of the ezComponents library.
Version: 6.2
Provides a graphical way to your visitors in order to rate content. Therefore the classical stars-approach is used.
Version: 6.2
The basic installer gui, required to install a system from scratch.
Version: 6.2
The module navigation is capable of rendering a navigation-tree, either created manually or rendered out of the current site-structure.
Version: 6.2
A complex workflow-engine to trigger events by multiple triggers.
Version: 6.2
A simple element providing a contact form. May be used to develop other forms, too.
Version: 6.2
The samplecontent provides a default installation of the portal.
Version: 5.0
The dashboard is the entry-page of the backend. Current information is displayed by simple widgets.
Version: 6.2
A wrapper to tcpdf, providing a common way to generate pdfs.
Version: 6.2
A module to organize frequently asked questions, Questions may be categorized. The different layout modes are achieved by the templates.
Version: 6.2.1
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