Kajona is a matured system and provides a large set of modules and elements for nearly every use-case.
Additional components may be added by using the integrated packagemanagement with ease, the pugin-architecture and the templates simplify the creation of own content.
Following is a excerpt of the packages available by default.
Module system / common
  • Administration
    • Multilanguage support
    • Responsive layout, fits on smartphones and tablets
    • Skin-engine, complete customization possible
    • Dashboard with widget engine
    • Drag'n'drop features
  • flexible user- and rights-management (including LDAP support)
  • permissions may be set on earch module and record separately
  • XML-/REST- interfaces
  • complete UTF-8-support
  • ModRewrite-support and SEO-friendly URLs
  • XHTML-valid code generation
  • AJAX support
  • Use of Bootstrap and jQuery for modern functions and layout
  • Support for multiple databases by using a plugin-driver-architecture, currently available:
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite
    • MariaDB (via mysqli-driver)
    • Oracle
  • Integrated package-management for adding and updating new functions in seconds
Module pages
  • flexible page management including a powerful template engine
  • a lot of page elements, e.g. paragraph-, image- and form elements
  • WYSIWYG-editor, no HTML knowledge needed to manage content
  • Page cache functions for best performance
  • Portaleditor to edit elements while browsing the portal (In-Site-Editing)
  • Time-driven publishing of each page element
Module workflows
  • Create systemtasks that should be executed automatically, e.g. to backup the database, clear the cache or synchronize the LDAP-data
  • Workflows may be assigned to a given user
  • Extend the engine by adding new workflows based on a simple plugin
Module navigations
  • Unlimited number of navigation trees with an unlimited number of navigation links
  • Navigations may be generated automatically, based on the pages and subpages of a single folder
  • Different, template based representations (tree-navigation, path-navigation, sitemap, ...)
  • Individual permission setting for each link in the navigation
  • Sorting nodes by drag n drop
  • Third-party modules like galleries may add additional nodes to the navigation-tree
Module eventmanager
  • publish events uncluding the date, location and more
  • accept registrations with a limited number of participants
Module news
  • Manage news using categories
  • Time-driven publishing
  • Archive-mode, time-driven
  • RSS-Feeds
Module tags
  • use custom tags for every record available
  • create favorite tags for fast access
  • tags are shown on mouse-over in a records' list view
Module mediamanager
  • Manage an unlimited number of repositories (galleries, downloads, ...)
  • Specific permissions possible
  • Modify pictures on-the-fly (resizing, overlay texts, rotating images)
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
Module search
  • Searches all the page contents (portal)
  • Searches all content available in the backend
  • Auto-complete, background search
  • Highlights the search terms in the results
  • Save and configure queries
Module languages
  • Supports any number of languages to be used in the portal using UTF-8
Module stats
  • Graphical and text-based reports, including
    • Top Browser
    • Top Pages
    • Top Downloads
    • Top Keywords
    • Top Referrers
    • Top Sessions
    • ...
  • Extendable by plugins
  • Graphical reports are generated by different chart-engines (jqPlot, ezComponents, pChart)
Module guestbook
  • Moderated guestbooks
  • Captcha-support to prevent spamming
Module PostAComment
  • Provides a comment-form for users of the portal
  • Can be assigned to simple pages or complex elements such as a gallery
  • Captcha-support to prevent spamming
Module faqs
  • Management of frequently asked questions
  • Organizable by categories
More packages to create PDF, QRCodes, recommend-buttons, charts, notifications, forms or to connect to map-services are available.

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Just installed Kajona 6.2
Having tried many CMS apps, this is the best. The WYSIWYG editor is amazing. Thanks to the team. Grosse schone! Love ackroydAI
12/12/2013 02:46:06
4.59 (4)
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