Looking at 2010 and to 2011

What happened in 2010 and what will 2011 bring? We'll have a first look. [read more]

Kajonix V1.4 available

Kajonix V1.4 - the Kajona Live CD - arrived on schedule to the OpenRheinRuhr exhibition in November. [read more]

Kajona running with MariaDB

Kajona officially supports the database MariaDB [read more]

Kajona at OpenRheinRuhr 2010

OpenSource fair "OpenRheinRuhr" on 13th and 14th of November in Oberhausen, Germany. [read more]

Kajona V3.3.1 "suricate" available

Besides a completely new caching-mechanism for the portal, the new Kajona release convinces with the initial support of SQLite 3 and additional samplecontents. [read more]

Kajona V3.3.1 BETA available

With the beta-version of Kajona, releasecodename "suricate", the first preview of the upcoming version 3.3.1 is available. Main features: bugfixes, SQLite 3 support, new caching. [read more]

Languageeditor V1.2

New version of the graphical application to edit the language-files. [read more]

New tutorial: module

A new tutorial faces the task to write a new module for Kajona. [read more]

New tutorial: languagesets

How to set up news in order to create a content based language-switching when showing the detailed view of a single news-item [read more]

Kajona V3.3.0 ready for use

...with an exceptional number of new features and improvements! [read more]

Kajona V3.3.0 BETA available

Kajona V 3.3.0 "edelweiss" is available as a first preview. Besides a massive list of changes on the user-interface, the creation of custom functions gets easier, too. [read more]

Beta version of Kajona community plattform

New community website to easily share your Kajona extensions. [read more]

Looking back at 2009 / forward to 2010

The end of 2009 is near, so it's time to draw a few conclusions - and to look forward to 2010s' upcoming new features. [read more]

Impressions from OpenRheinRuhr 2009

Bottrops' first Open Source fair ended on Sunday evening – Kajona took part of it. [read more]

Kajona at the OpenRheinRuhr - only 5 days to go!

Kajona as exhibitor at the OpenSource fair "OpenRheinRuhr" from 7-8th of November in Bottrop, Germany [read more]
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