Kajonix - the Kajona Live-CD

Kajonix, a bootable live-cd provides an easy way to test the current Kajona version. [read more]

Kajona as exhibitor at the OpenSource fair

Kajona takes part at the OpenSource fair OpenRheinRuhr on 7-8th of November in Bottrop, Germany. [read more]

Kajona V3.2.1, Codename

The release 3.2.1 of the free Content Management Framework Kajona³ stands out due to extended russian and bulgarian language packs, optimized task management and more flexible navigations and galleries as well as a lot of bugfixes. The enhanced element API helps to develop and maintain own elements. [read more]

Kajona (3.2.1 BETA) available

The beta version of the upcoming Kajona release 3.2.1 includes beside new functions a new language for the backend and bugfixes. [read more]

Kajona opens the development-board to public

The development board, only available for core-developers in the past, is now available to public. This brings more transparency to the development-process of Kajona. [read more]

Our new howto explains step-by-step how to customize your Kajona installation and add fancy styles to your website.

New howto: Working with templates

Kajona Language Editor V1.0 released

Graphical application to edit the language-files of a Kajona installation [read more]

Kajona V3.2.0, Codename

Dialog-based menues, an integrated image-editor, a new file-uploader and russian and portuguese translations of the system are only a few features of the now available version 3.2.0 of the free content management framework Kajona³. [read more]

Kajona 3.2.0 Beta and Dev & Test Day II 2009 + Public chat

Kajona 3.2.0 Beta and second collective Kajona Dev & Test Day 2009 on Sunday, 1th of March 2009. [read more]

Kajona 3.1.9 (3.2.0 Alpha) available

First alpha version is ready for testing. [read more]

Kajona Dev & Test Day I 2009 (Update)

First collective Kajona Dev & Test Day 2009 on Sunday, 8th of February 2009. [read more]

Looking back on 2008 - and forward to 2009

...a review what happend to Kajona and what is coming next... [read more]

University Kassel uses Kajona to present master's program

Master's program "Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency" online using Kajona³ [read more]

Kajona 3.1.1 (

The maintenance release 3.1.1 solves known bugs and introduces new features like an innovative task-engine. [read more]

Kajona 3.1.1 BETA released

With the release of 3.1.1 Beta, the last step on the road to the new Kajona version is done. [read more]
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