Kajona V4.7 "springtide" available


A refactored backend improves the rendering on mobile devices.

Technically revised, the new backend-layout marks the new Kajona release v4.7.

The layout scales even for different screen sizes, e.g. on mobile devices. In addition, the accessibility of many functions got improved for mobile devices. Due to the changed technology, the administration backend is loaded and shown noticeably faster. Amongst others, this is achieved due to the switch from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3.

In order to adapt Kajona to the individual preferences, the backend may be individualized even more, the number of records shown on a single page is now a user based configuration value.

When editing a page with a large amount of elements and placeholder, a new navigation indicates the current position. This is especially helpful for single page / one page websites.

Two new modules simplify the interoperability with other applications and interfaces. The module basic-authentication provides an additional way of logging into the system using standardized HTTP-headers, designed especially for API-clients and REST-requests.
In combination with the new module JSONapi, Kajona now provides full support of accessing, editing, deleting and creating objects vial REST calls (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE).

The release "springtide" finally designates the start of the development of Kajona V5. Until the first release of Kajona V5, the 4.7 release will be fully supported, including security- and bugfixes.

Since Kajona 4.7 includes several bug fixes, security updates and updates for compatibility with current web browsers and web server systems, the upgrade to 4.7 is recommended to all users. The update is available and recommended via the integrated package-management.

A list of all changes can be found reading the changelog.

The new version can be obtained directly via Git:

Overview of all downloads available:

>> Download Kajona V4.7 All-in-one (all modules)

In addition the new version can be tested using our demo-system.

As always, the Kajona team looks forward to all questions and suggestions and offers help around Kajona via the board or via the contact form.
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