Kajona (3.2.1 BETA) available


The beta version of the upcoming Kajona release 3.2.1 includes beside new functions a new language for the backend and bugfixes.

With todays release number of the Kajona content mangement framework the team behind Kajona reaches an important milestone towards the final version 3.2.1.

The upcoming Kajona version will contain a lot of bugfixes, but also includes new translations of the system and new and reworked functionalities.

The administration is, besides the already existing translations to german, english, russian and portuguese, now also available in bulgarian.

Furthermore, especially the modules "gallery", "navigations" and the "system"-module gained a lot of activity. The templates of the gallery-module are reworked and now provide more flexibility. In addition, an enhanced image-lightbox was realized.

The navigations are cached internally from now on. This results in a higher performance, even with a page cache setup in a moderate way. The navigation templates are enhanced, too.

The system-tasks, placed at the system-module have been redesigned and are now even more flexible to handle.

More informations can be found in the changelog, the beta version can be downloaded via the downloads or using the direct link below:

>>> Direct download: Kajona V3.2.0.9

As always we're looking forward to your feedback in our board, bugtracker or through the contact form.


Hint: Kajona V3.2.0.9 is a beta-release and should not be used in productive environments.

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