Developer Sprint 2@2013


The second developer sprint brings new features to the core.

On september 31th till october the 1st the second developer sprint in 2013 took place in Mettmann, Germany.

Up to 5 core-developers joined and hacked the core for a weekend.

Besides bugfixing and layout-optimizations, the team started many new features and reworked some legacy code. Many of those changes will be included in the upcoming 4.3 release.

To highlight a few ones among the changes:

  • The image-processing API was redesigned and rewritten from scratch. The new API makes use of plugins and provides a batch-processing of manipulations with full caching, boosting the speed of image-manipulation by about 30%.
  • The portal-editor finally supports drag n drop.
  • The backend-skin uses a new font, new icons and was was improved in many places.
  • The work on a new search-engine started. Instead of fireing live-queries with full table scans, the new search will use an index created before. Since the search is still work in progress, it'll be shipped in a future release.
  • Many, many more small improvements. 
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