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Some thoughts about the future - we need you

We thought that it'll be time to provide you some of our internal thoughts, plans and ideas about the current state and future of Kajona.

While Kajona is still under heavy development, the way we (aka the Kajona team) use Kajona changed fundamentally over the last few years.
Starting as a classical WCMS - providing a state of the art content management system including a sophisticated template engine and a powerfull portal editor - the backend and the underlying framework gained an increasing intererst over the last years.

This lead to some kind of misbalance between the efforts put into the backend vs. the efforts put into the fronted. 
While the framework and the backend are shipped with a ton of new features at every release, the portal-part got only a subset of updates. And it was less then it deserved.

The reason therefore is the changed utilization of Kajona within the Kajona team. While we started to use Kajona to create flexible and powerful websites a few years ago, we're now focusing on developing applications based on the backend - so making use of a rapid development approach based on the powerful framework and the streamlines backend interface.

Since our resources are limited and often based on our spare time, we reached a point where we needed to make some decisions. So, here we go:
If we won't see an increasing amount of input by external developers, designers or other volunteers, we'll focus on the backend only. At least in the future. 
Based on our current team setup, we'll update Kajona at least once more (this will be Kajona 6.2 since we'll drop PHP 5 support). Afterwards we'll probably create a fork of the latest Kajona version and move on developing the framework and backend, dropping the frontend. Don't mind: Kajona will remain available, including all resources such as the website, the sources and the packageserver. And we'll provide patches in case of urgent issues.

If you are a user of Kajona as a CMS, please step up and contribute -  either by providing  translations, templates, modules, elements or pull requests. 

As always, feedback is more then appreciated. Please let us know what you think about those steps. And prove us wrong - together we'll push Kajona into the future - not only based on the backend, but also based on a community driven frontend.

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