An update from v4


Long time no news - but now: a screenshot. Boom!

The last post on the v4 devblog is quite old... But as you already guesssed, this doesn't mean, there's no progress. Not at all...

The v4 development runs at full speed - and, in contrast to earlier days not only under the hood. When installing a v4-system, the new skin is now the default one, whereas the old v3 skin will be dropped soon.
These are quite exiting days since everything is shiny and new. And, to be honest, there's still a lot of work to do.
Nevertheless, to impress you with fancy, blinky features, here's the mandatory screenshot:


By the way, if you want to give the current development branch a try, download a night build:

The system is far from being usable in productive environments since nearly everything is subject to change - but it's already a big fun to play with it. Just drag a file from your desktop into a mediamanagers' folder - wohooo....

We're looking forward to your comments, either by using the comment link below or using the board.

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