Beta version of Kajona community plattform


New community website to easily share your Kajona extensions.

We're happy to announce the official beta version of!

KajonaBase is a platform for sharing Kajona extensions such as modules, templates and page elements, but also tutorials, and thereby promote the exchange between Kajona users. Everyone is invited to upload their own works - it's quite simple, only a free online registration on KajonaBase is necessary. With a rating and comment function users can also give feedback on each download.

Special thanks goes to community member Rumen Emilov, who has actively been involved in the design of KajonaBase. We also thank the webhoster LCube which now hosts our SVN repository as well as KajonaBase and the demo system.

Take a look and help KajonaBase really comes alive! As always, we appreciate any feedback.



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