Changes to the release-cycles


More minor updates, a revamped development-approach

In the past, Kajonas' release-model was being based on the release of major-version. Each version contained a large set of bugfixes, changes and new functionalities, shifting the first digit of the version by one: V4.0 got V4.1.

To have bugfixed shipped faster, Kajonas' release-model will be changed from now on. It will be based on major and minor releases where minor releases will be published between the regular major releases. A minor release is reflected by the third digit of a packages' version number, e.g. V4.1.1.

Minor releases won't be announced officially on the projects website, they are published using the integrated packagemanagement directly. All changes will be documented within the changelog.txt file inside a packages /docs directory.

Compared to the current approach, major enhancements and changes will be developed in feature-branches, separated from the main codeline.

By changing the release-model, the Kajona team ensures to have bugfixes being rolled out fast whereas new changes can be developed without the risk of breaking other modules.

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