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Outlook on the new index-based search coming with Kajona 4.4

The upcoming release 4.4 of Kajona will include a new search-engine. While only available for the backend at the moment, the new engine is index-based and therefore way faster than the current one.
In addition, the engine support the combination of keywords, weighting of parameters and specific filters.

Let's have a look at some examples.
The current (4.3) search engine support searching for a single term only, the combination of search-terms is not possible.

Starting with 4.4, the search will be way more powerful:

When searching for "kajona", the engine matches all entries containing the string "kajona".
Add a second term to the query, e.g. "kajona more", the engine creates a boolean expression internally, searching for records matching "kajona" AND "more".
But there's even more.
Let's say you want to search for records matching "kajona" but NOT containing "more". No problem: Just enter "kajona -more" and you'll be satisfied.
In addition, you may use the "+" char to rank results. If you type "+kajona was", the engines searches all records containing at least "kajona" and maybe "was". The result list all records matching "kajona" and "was" before the results matching only "kajona".

While not yet supported by a polished user-interface, the engine even supports the filtering agains an objects fields.
If you have in mind finding all faqs containing "kajona", you may want to search for "kajona". But if you are only keen on finding entries containing the string "kajona" in the answer, you may even search for "strAnswer:kajona", finding all records with a property named "strAnswer" containing "kajona".

What do you think about the new engine? Feel free to grab a nightly build in order to test the current development snapshot. Or join the discussion using our board.

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