Kajona 3.1.0 ALPHA released


By the technical preview release of 3.1.0 ALPHA, the first milestone on the way to Kajona 3.1.0 is reached.

Kajona 3.0.9 represents the first alpha-version of the upcoming Kajona 3.1.0.
All basic functions planned für 3.1.0 are already implemented in this "technical preview". This includes new cool feature such as a lot of ajax, a dashboard, new module, the possibility to copy single pages and a lot of other features - especially compared to Kajona 3.0.2.

The complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.

This alpha-release is intended to give all interested the possibility, to test the new Kajona before the official release. Please feel free to post errors using our bugtracker.
In addition, the APIs are expected to remain stable from now on, so developers may start developing their own components for the upcoming Kajona 3.1.

Please note, that the alpa release is not intended to be used in productive environments!!!

As usual, we are looking forward to read your feedback.

The alpha-release can be downloaded here.
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