Kajona 3.1.0 BETA released


The beta-release is the next step on the way to Kajona 3.1. Besides regular updates and fixes, it introduces initial support for PostgreSQL databases.

After the preceded alpha version of the upcoming Kajona 3.1, the beta version being available now is the next step in the development towards 3.1.

Besides the fix of known bugs and the introduction of new features, the beta release introduces the support for PostgreSQL databases. Therefore, parts of the sql-code and some of the sql code generators had to be updated. In addition, parts of the installer-apis had to be changed to allow the generation of database specific sql-ddl-code instead of using hardcoded ddl-sql. The creation of new tables within the installers is from now on being managed by using a toolbox instead of fireing sql-commands directly to the database.
Please note, that the PostgreSQL driver is still in an alpha stadium and should be used only within test environments.

Furthermore, the beta version contains a few changes to improve the usability of the ui.

As usual, a complete list of change is accessible via the changelog.

As with earlier pre-final-releases, the beta is intended to be used by testers and developers. We are looking forward to receive any kind of feedback, not mattering wether as a comment using the board, as a post in our bugtracker or as a classical feedback-message.

The download is available at http://www.kajona.de/downloads.get_kajona.openDlFolder.f785a184739fa18c4dca.en.html.
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