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The maintenance release 3.1.1 solves known bugs and introduces new features like an innovative task-engine.

Kajona 3.1.1 is the next release of the successful content management system. Showing up as a  maintenance release four months after version 3.1.0 the latest release comes with bugfixes as well as a set of slight and larger improvements.

The innovative task-engine offers for the first time a standardized interface for simple maintenance tasks like database backups. Kajona modules are now able to provide tasks to the system which can be executed and managed at a central location. This not only simplifies the management of recurring tasks, it also ceates a consistent interface and structure for developers to implement such tasks.

Furthermore a system-wide visual label for inherited rights was integrated. A data record (e.g. a page element) which holds individual rights instead of inheriting rights from the parent data record is now highlighted in lists in the administration.

Another visible improvement is the switch-over to the calendar integrated in Yahoo! User Interface (YUI). Thereby the codebase was harmonised further and the number of external components reduced. All used external components were updated to it's latest versions.

In addition Kajona 3.1.1 now fully supports Apple's webbrowser Safari 3! Optimizations in the admin interface ensure full support for the recently released Mozilla Firefox 3.

Get Kajona 3.1.1 now at the Downloads! A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.
Support for the new release is given in the board and contact form.


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