Kajona 3.1.1 BETA released


With the release of 3.1.1 Beta, the last step on the road to the new Kajona version is done.

The upcoming Kajona release 3.1.1 can be tested with the first beta-version.

This beta-version is intended to be the last test version before 3.1.1 and comes besides a list of bugfixes with all features scheduled for 3.1.1. This includes a task-engine, allowing to have simple tasks being implemented in a clean and smooth way, stored at a centralized location. Tasks already existing have been migrated into the new framework. Due of the plugin architecture, other modules can easily provide own tasks.

A full list of changes can be found within the changelog.

Those being interested in testing the beta-version can download it here. We do not recommend to use this beta version in productive environments!

The Kajona Team is looking forward for your feedback in the board as well as in the bugtracker.

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