Kajona 3.1.9 (3.2.0 Alpha) available


First alpha version is ready for testing.

Just now the first alpha version of the coming Kajona release 3.2.0 was published and is available on our download site or via the Subversion repository.

Direct download Kajona 3.1.9 (3.2.0 Alpha)


New features are for example an image editor which allows you to crop and rotate images right in Kajona, a comfortable multiple file upload with progress bar, rewritten session-management and the module "rating".
The full list of changes is available in the changelog.

Since it's a first alpha version, we do not recommend to use this version in productive environments.

The Kajona Team is looking forward for your feedback in our Board, the Bugtracker as well as in the public chat of the Kajona Dev & Test Days 2009.

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