Kajona 3.2.0 Beta and Dev & Test Day II 2009 + Public chat


Kajona 3.2.0 Beta and second collective Kajona Dev & Test Day 2009 on Sunday, 1th of March 2009.

Following to our thoroughly successful Kajona Dev & Test Day I we invite all interested parties to join the second collective Dev & Test Day shortly after the release of Kajona 3.2.0 Beta.

Compared to the alpha version, many bugs were fixed, new features like the multiple-fileupload were optimized and some new functions were implemented. For example the often requested possibility to add new files, create folders and delete files/folders straight out of the modules 'downloads' and 'galleries' was realized. In addition, translated static texts from language-files can now be easily used in portal templates.

The beta version and a detailed changelog will be available for downloading at 4:00pm (CET). The developers will help with words and deeds from 5 to 7pm in a public Skype chat.

UPDATE: The beta version is available for testing.
Direct-Download: Kajona 3.1.95 (3.2.0 Beta)
Detailed changelog

Everybody is welcome to join the public chat or post feedback in the board:

Kajona Public Chat

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Chat about what's on your mind. More about public chats.

We're looking forward again to read your feedback!

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