Kajona DevCon 2014


Developers conference taking place 31.10.2014 - 02.11.2014 in Essen, Germany

Introduced in 2012, we want to continue our series of official developer conferences. In 2014, the conference will take place friday, 31th october 2014 until 2nd of november, 2014 at the LinuxHotel in Essen, Germany. The conference addresses all Kajona developers and those being interested in Kajona development. In addition we welcome all users being interested about Kajonas' future or having questions or issues regarding Kajona. At last but not at least the conference is established to meet each other face-to-face.

Despite the personal discussion, the conference aims to design some of the features of Kajonas' future releases. And, for sure, the conference is used to host a development sprint, hacking some new features into the core and polishing existing features.

Currently, the following schedule is setup:
Friday, 31st october 2014: Arrival at the late evening, get together
Saturday, 01st november 2014: Discussion, talks and development
Sunday, 02nd november 2014: Development and review of the reached milestones, departure

We're still searching for talks! If you want to participate - not mattering if it's directly related to Kajona - drop us a line by mail: devcon2014@kajona.de.

If you want to participate at the Kajona DevCon 2014, we'll charge you a 60 EUR contribution to meet the expenses.
The fee includes: 
2 overnight stays, 2x breakfast, free beverage during the conference, access to the conference location.
If you want to participate without staying overnight or only a limited set of day, please contact us.

Please register by mail, including your real name and your address until october 1st, 2014: devcon2014@kajona.de 
We're looking forward to discuss the future of Kajona with all of you. And, at last but not at least, to have a great time!
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