Kajona V3.0.1 released


Kajona v3.0.1, Codename "snowmelt" released including an english languagepack and a new installer

With the release of 3.0.1, codename "snowmelt", the successor of v3.0.0 was released.

Kajona v3.0.1 fixes some known bugs but includes a few new features, too.

This includes a completly rewritten installer, guiding the user step-by-step through the installation-process of the Kajona content management framework.
The new installer is based on templates, allowing it to be customized as known from the Kajona administration.

In addition, the administration was translated to english, the gallery was improved by several new functions and updates for the performance in general have been made, including support for gzip-compression.

Further changes can be read in the changelog.

The latest version is available at the downloads.
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