Kajona V3.0.2 released


Release of Kajona V3.0.2, codename "strandbar". Beside a few bugfixes, this release includes various new features such as new stats-reports or improvements of the search.

With the release of version 3.0.2 another release of the Kajona 3.0.x branch was released.
Beside the fixing of known bugs, the release introduces various new features.

Kajona 3.0.2 includes an improvement of the seach regarding the behaviour on multi-language portals. When creating a resultset, the current portal-language is analysed to filter the hits.

By using a new internal array-handler, the memory needed by the system while processing large lists was reduced significantly. This also results in a speed-boost of the system.

Another highlight is the availability of the samplecontents in english. When using the english installer, the samplecontents will now be created in english.

In addition, the statistics have been extended by new reports. On of them is the analysis of the visitors origin country, another one, together with the seach-module, the analysis of the seachterms fired by the search.

Beginning with version 3.0.2 we will start to provide a online documentation of our source-code.
The reports will be based on the PHPDoc-documentation and being published online within the next few days.

More changes can be found in the changelog, the download of the system is available through the  downloads.
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