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Dialog-based menues, an integrated image-editor, a new file-uploader and russian and portuguese translations of the system are only a few features of the now available version 3.2.0 of the free content management framework Kajona³.

Half a year has passed since the last release and now it's done: Due to an increasing community and many helping hands there are lots of great optimizations and extensions - beside the regular bugfixes:

Dialog-based administration
Many of the popups and warnings found in earlier versions are now reorganized with the help of dialogs. This allows it to make changes and adoptions faster and more easily.

Extended File Management
The file management (in Kajona covered via the module "Filemanager") was overworked from its base. This includes a rewrite of the fileupload. It now enables the upload of multiple files at once. In addtion, the system provides the possibillity, to crop and rotate images directly and online via the system.
The modules "Gallery" and "Downloads" are able to upload files directly to the current folder, so there's no more need to switch to the module "Filemanager". This improves the handling drastically and solves one of the most common wishes of the Kajona users.

Redesigned Installer
The installer was one the one side reworked graphically, on the other side improved by its handling. From now on it's possible to install more than one module or element in one step, in addtion the current progress of the installation is shown.

Internationalization & Texts Management
The release 3.2.0 includes translations in russian and portuguese, besides the already available languages german and english. Because of internal reorganizations, the usage of the system within international projects is easier then ever. The text management of the portal was reworked, too. Via a defined schema of placeholders, user defined texts from the language-files can be placed into the templates directly - without even changing the php-classes.

More changes
The navigations were updated, so the behaviour of multiple navigation elements on one site is now possible without side-effects and with a consistent behaviour. Based on a updated template structure, the representation of navigations are even more flexible.
Via the extended usage of AJAX, many actions can be made rather easily. This includes the de- and activation of records, the synchronization of galleries and download archives and the deletion of records. The seamless integration of the JavaScript Framework Yahoo! User Interface Library provides the possibillity to create highly interactive portals and web based applications.

The portal was complemented by new elements such as an element for file uploads or the new module "rating". The portaleditor now supports the creation of new elements at empty placeholders.

A complete list of all changes can be found in the changelog, the download of the system is available via the downloads or using a direct link:

>> Download Kajona 3.2.0 All-in-one

Help can be found at the board, direct requests to the developers can be sent via the contactform.
Before updating an existing Kajona installation to version 3.2.0, please have a look at the update hints and tips.

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