Kajona V3.2.1, Codename


The release 3.2.1 of the free Content Management Framework Kajona³ stands out due to extended russian and bulgarian language packs, optimized task management and more flexible navigations and galleries as well as a lot of bugfixes. The enhanced element API helps to develop and maintain own elements.

With the release of version 3.2.1 of the Content Management Framework Kajona³, the team around Kajona continues the successful development.

By the inclusion of bulgarian and the extended russian language files the internationalization of the system is beeing further expanded.

For web designers and developers especially interesting are the new introduced adjustments to the templates. Sitemaps can be set up more flexible than before and through a newly introduced caching mechanism for navigations, the portal is once again accelerated.
Through the restructuring of the gallery templates the use of a so-called Imagelightbox is now possible without further detours. An exemplary implementation of such a gallery template with a Imagelightbox is included in the element Imagelightbox.

Kajona Gallery with Imagelightbox

In the area of the system module, the execution and the layout of the system tasks were optimized. They can now be grouped and run entirely via AJAX.

Kajona System Tasks

Another change relates primarily to developers of own page elements: These hold now their own version number and can be updated independent of the release cycles of the modules.

A complete list of changes can be found in the changelog, the download of the system is possible in the downloads or via direct download:

>> Download Kajona 3.2.1 All-in-one

Assistance of any kind can be found, as usual, in the board. Direct contact to the developers can be established through the contact form.

The now released version 3.2.1 will be the last version which allows updates from version 3.0.x. The latest version of the 3.0.x line, V 3.0.2, was released in June 2007 and will be, with the appearance of the subsequent Kajona version 3.3, no longer officially supported. So V3.0.x users should update to a current version. Help can also be found in our board.

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