Kajona V3.3.0 BETA available


Kajona V 3.3.0 "edelweiss" is available as a first preview. Besides a massive list of changes on the user-interface, the creation of custom functions gets easier, too.

On the way to Kajona V 3.3.0 the release of the beta-version marks the first important milestone. The beta version shows the impressive changes coming along with the next Kajona version.

A selection of some of the changes:

Visible changes and new functionality

  • Even more elements support their own templates. This allows to adopt the layout of an element even without editing php files anymore.
  • The imagelightbox has a new layout and supports a slideshow.
  • The adminstration provides treeviews for a faster navigation within the modules, e.g. pages or navigations.
  • Copying single page elements is possible. An element can be copied to the same page, another page or even to another language.
  • Drag 'n drop is available for elements at a common page placeholder, too.
  • A new library to create charts was introduced, replacing the old one (stats).
  • The FCKEditor was updated to CKEditor version 3.2.
  • The handling of the portaleditor was redesigned from scratch.

(Internal) Changes to the system

  • The lifecycle of internal objects has changed, from now on those objects only know how to update themselfs. This means that Kajona is aware of handling the different states and to decide whether an object has to be inserted or updated.
  • By introducing the SQLite database driver, another database gets supported.
  • The inclusion of classes is done via a new internal class-loader.
  • The rights hierarchy is built upon modifiying the permissions, a recusive reading during checks on permissions is no longer needed.
  • The JavaScript library was restructured from scratch and moved to its' own Kajona namespace. This avoids name conflicts with other js-libraries.
  • Different performance optimizations

A list of all changes can be found reading the changelog.

The beta-version can be obtained directly via SVN at  https://svn.kajona.de/svn/kajona/kajona/module_head/tags/v3.2.96 (3.3.0 BETA)/ or as a download:

>> Download Kajona V3.3.0 BETA directly

As usual we welcome your feedback, the best ways are our board and our feedback-form.

Found bugs and a list of known bugs can be entered and searched using our bugtracker.


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