Kajona V3.3.0 ready for use


...with an exceptional number of new features and improvements!

Today is the day: The Content Management Framework Kajona is available in version 3.3.0. In addition to numerous improvements and corrections, the new version also includes several new features which could already be tested in the beta version of the "edelweiss" named release, published three weeks ago.

Highlights of Kajona 3.3.0 are:

Tree view in the modules pages and navigations

Tree view in the module navigations

The administration supports a tree view for fast navigation within a module, for example, in the pages and navigations.

"Portaleditor reloaded"

Überarbeiteter Portaleditor für 

The portaleditor to edit the page content directly in the web page layout (in-site editing) was optimized. Instead of pop-ups, modal dialogs, as already integrated in the administration, are used. Furthermore, it is now possible to edit navigations straight within the portaleditor. The new WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor in version 3.2) allows a more comfortable and faster processing of the text content as its predecessor.

Lightbox with slideshow and more modern layout

Kajona Image Gallery with Lightbox

The presentation of the Lightbox integration for image galleries and image elements has been upgraded and finished off with a slideshow functionality and keyboard controls.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking with Kajona

The TagTo element now uses the external service addThis.com, which provides significantly more bookmarking services and social sites.

Copy of page elements and drag & drop

In addition to the copying of entire pages, it is now possible to copy individual page elements - both to the current page as well as to other pages or even to pages in another language. In addition, the drag 'n drop functionality has now been integrated into the administration in order to move items at the same placeholder.

Statistics with beautiful charts

More modern charts in Kajona.Modul Stats

The existing library to create graphs (in the module Stats) was replaced by the library pChart. The generated graphs look more modern and tidy.

Support for SQLite

Thanks to a new database driver, Kajona 3.3.0 also supports the SQLite database system.

Easily create your own modules and elements

The life cycle of internal objects now knows only one method: update. Inserts are no longer necessary. Kajona cares about the state completely transparent to the developer, so about whether an object is created or merely updated. In addition, all page elements now use their own templates, so the HTML output can be adapted without changes in the PHP classes.

Optimized performance

Further, the performance was improved significantly in several places. This includes the generation of the hierarchies of rights, the delivery of dynamically scaled images and the automatic inclusion of PHP classes through an internal class loader.

Revised Locking-API

The Locking-API has been thoroughly revised and integrated in the module News. This prevents multiple users to work simultaneously on a record.


A list of all changes can be found as usual in the very extensive changelog.


Kajona 3.3.0 can be downloaded directly from SVN at https://svn.kajona.de/svn/kajona/kajona/module_head/tags/v3.3.0/ or the usual way via our download pages.

>> direct download Kajona V3.3.0 All-in-one (all modules)

>> direct download Kajona V3.3.0 Lite (only navigations, pages, samplecontent, system)

In addition the new version can be tested via our demo-system.


Since Kajona 3.3.0 brings several bug fixes, security updates and updates for compatibility with current Web browsers and Web server systems, the upgrade to 3.3.0 is recommended to all users.

As always, the Kajona team looks forward to all questions and suggestions and offers help around Kajona in the board or via the contact form.

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