Kajona V3.3.1 BETA available


With the beta-version of Kajona, releasecodename "suricate", the first preview of the upcoming version 3.3.1 is available. Main features: bugfixes, SQLite 3 support, new caching.

The version is the first pre-release of the upcoming Kajona Verson 3.3.1. Internally, the development of the version is handled by the codename "suricate".

The main focus of this version is the optimization of existing functionality and the solving of known bugs.

Additionally, new features are included, explained in the next few paragraphs.


Even more elements create samplecontent during the installation of the system. This includes the contact-form and the rssfeed-element. In addition, the gallery now uses the imgelightbox-template by default.


The creation of news-entries can now be done completely using the portaleditor. A switch to the administration is now longer necessary.


Many of the reports existing have been improved.


The caching-mechanism was rewritten from scratch. Instead of saving the complete page to the cache as done in earlier versions, the cache is now located at the level of the single elements on a page.
This improves the caching for highly dynamical pages extremely. Even if a page shows elements being not or nearly not cacheable, e.g. votings or random-elements, the other, static elements can be cached. As a result, during the request of a page, it's no longer necessary to regenerate the page from scratch, it's only required to regenerate the elements not being cacheable. If the cache is set up properly, the time needed to generate a page can be reduced up to 50%.

Since the new cache is available to all modules and elements of the system, it replaces the existing caches "pagecache", "navigtionssache" and "remoteloadercache".

SQLite 3

Introduces with Kajona V3.3.1, the popular database SQLite 3 will be supported. This requires at least PHP 5.3.0. This increases the list of supported databases to:

  • MySQL 4, MySQL 5 (by mysql und mysqli)
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite 2
  • SQLite 3

The list of all changes can be found, as usual, in the  changelog.

The beta-version is available via SVN directly at https://svn.kajona.de/svn/kajona/kajona/module_head/tags/v3.3.0.1 (3.3.1 BETA)/ or as a download at

>> Download Kajona V3.3.0.1 BETA directly

Feedback is appreciated, best using the board or our feedback-form.

Bugs found or a list of known bugs can be searched in the bugtracker.

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