Kajona V3.4.1 BETA available


As the codename "connectivity" indicates, the upcoming release introduces extended support for oracle, REST interfaces and login providers.

The BETA release is scheduled to be the last release before the official announcement of Kajona 3.4.1.
In Kajona 3.4.1, a lot of subsystems changed.

The database layer is now capable of handling Oracle databases. Since the oracle driver (oci8) is still under development, it should be used for testing purposes only.

A lot of Kajonas' internal methods are now available via a REST-interface. Using this interfaces, a simple experimental Android app was written in order to proof the general functionality.
In order to simplify the development of xml-based methods, the framework supports the developer with a new annotation "@xml". Methods marked with this annotation are available via the XML interface whereas classical methods remain hidden to the XML interface. WADL-files, the specification of REST-interfaces, may be generated by Kajona on-the-fly.

Login providers
The whole user subsystem was redesigned from scratch. It now support the handling of different login providers such as Kajonas' internal login and a LDAP directory. A first implementation of a LDAP connector is available.

Portal and Pages
Up from V3.4.1, Kajona will ship the JavaScript library jQuery along with YUI. In the future, jQuery will replace YUI at least in the portal. YUI was updated to its latest release.
Also, the pageimport-/export module was moved from playground to head development. It provides two systemtasks in order to im- and export pages from and to XML files. In addition, the portal-editor is now capable of handling inactive elements.


Since this list is only a short wrapup of all changes, a complete list is available in the changelog.

The beta version can be downloaded as a ZIP archive or alternatively the tag may be checked out using subversion.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Have fun testing Kajona 3.4.1 Beta :-)


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