Kajona V3.4.2 available


Kajona 3.4.2, Kiwi, brings numerous small improvements

With version 3.4.2 the Kajona Team provides an up-to-date release of the v3 series.

The release focuses on improving the programs' foundation instead of introducing new big features. Since the release addresses XSS vulnerabilities, all users are encouraged to update their installation.

When users create new comments, the websites' admin may be notified by mail. This provides a comfortable way of being updated without manually searching for new comments.

Due to optimized database-queries, many parts of the system got noticeably faster. This has an impact on both, frontend and administration.
Various improvements of the mail-subsystem guarantee a wider compatibility with different mail-clients.
The rewritten sort-algorithms in V4 have been back-ported to V3 in order to remedy the last existing problems.

The release addresses a few possible vulnerabilities, providing a way to run cross-site-scripting attacks. Concretely this is related to module guestbook, module postacomment and the contact-form. In addition, parts of the administration may be affected if a valid login is available. Nevertheless, all users are encouraged to update their system.

The Swedish translation of now available by default.

According to the current release-schedule, Kajona V3.4. is the last release of the 3.4 series; nevertheless the branch will still be supported with security fixes.
Up from now, the team will focus on the version 4.0, restructuring many parts of the system. More details available on the kajona-page in the V4 devblog.


A list of all changes can be found reading the changelog.

The new version can be obtained directly via SVN at https://svn.kajona.de/svn/kajona/kajona/module_head/tags/v3.4.2/ (guest/guest) or as a regular download:

>> Download Kajona V3.4.2 All-in-one (all modules)

>> Download Kajona V3.4.2 Lite (navigation, pages, samplecontent, system only)

In addition the new version can be tested via our demo-system.

Since Kajona 3.4.2 brings several bug fixes, security updates and updates for compatibility with current web browsers and web server systems, the upgrade to 3.4.2 is recommended to all users.

As always, the Kajona team looks forward to all questions and suggestions and offers help around Kajona in the board or via the contact form.

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