Kajona V4.2 released


The end of round borders with "90 degrees"

The updated version 4.2 of the free content management system Kajona stabilizes the v4 version and optimizes many aspects.

Many efforts have been put into the backend-skin, resulting in the most apparent changes. The layout was polished and is now way more consistent and intuitive. 

The release focuses on optimization of existing features and improves the system at many places. In addition, the fixing of bugs eliminates some strange behaviors of the packagemanagement for some special scenarios.

A list of all changes can be found reading the changlog

Since the release adresses some bugs, we strongly encourage all users to upgrade their installations.

The new version can be obtained directly via SVN at https://svn.kajona.de/svn/kajona/kajona/module_head/tags/v4.2/ (guest / guest) oder auf or as a regular download.

>> Download Kajona V4.2 All-in-one 

>> Download Kajona V4.1 Lite

Existing installations may be updated using the integrated packagemanagement.

In addition the new version can be tested via our demo-system.
As always, the Kajona team looks forward to all questions and suggestions and offers help around Kajona in the board or via the contact form.

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