Kajona V4 Beta released


The revolution starts with a beta-version


It took more than one year of development to finalize the first pre-relase of the upcoming Kajona V4, codename "revolution".
Kajona V4 represents a full redesign of former Kajona version, resulting in many rewritten parts.
Besides a new filesystem-layout and the newly introduced package-management, endusers will benefit from the new backend layout and the new, real inline-editor for the portal.
From a developers point of view, many parts of the framework have been refactored and redesigned. The changes include a new ORM-mapper, annotation based permissions-management and automatically generated admin-forms and lists. Compared to version three, the effort to create new modules has been reduced drastically. 
Designers and users focused on the layout will benefit from the new template-pack mechanism. New templates are separated from each other and allow to store multiple templates per installation, switching the template being active with just a mouse-click. New template-packs (and modules, elements) may be uploaded to the KajonaBase in seconds, making them available to other Kajona users with ease.
While the documentation of Version 4 is still work in progress, a lot of tutorials have been updated - giving Kajona V4 a chance is a simple one:
We kindly ask all users and developers to test Kajona V4 and to provide feedback - not mattering if it's criticism, new ideas or just to send kudos to the Kajona team. Therefore you may use the contact-form, the board, or, in case of bugs, our ticket-system.
A comprehensive list of changes may be obtained from the roadmap created by the ticket-system.
The beta version may be downloaded here:
The checkout from subversion is also possible:
Nevertheless, since it's still a beta-version we strongly recommend to use it for non-production installations only!
We'd like to thank all developers, testers and designers for their effort to push Kajona to its' current state - Chapeau!
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