Kajona V4 released


The release 4.0 marks the beginning of a new era for Kajona

After more then a year of development, the Kajona team is proud to have fulfilled the modernization of Kajona begun at the end of 2011.
By redesigning many of Kajonas' subsystems, the framework not only comes with a new template- and skin-system for end-users, in addition the simplified and enhanced programming model and new APIs reduces the effort to extend and adopt the framework.

The new backend-skin is the most markable change in Kajona V4, "revolution". Built from scratch the systems presents itself in a modern way.

The already existing portal-editor, used to change and rearrange the contents directly from within the layout is completed with a new inline-editor. The new editor allows the modification and formatting of textual contents without leaving the layout at all, so without any overlays or popups.

All modules and elements are organized in separated packages up from v4. The package-management provides a central interface to access various package-repositories in order to download new or updated templates, modules or elements. To support the new packages, the filesystem of a Kajona-installation was resigned from scratch, too. The current approach separates all modified files from the original ones, simplifying a system-update drastically.

The way the framework behaves and many APIs have been redesigned during the development of V4. New functionalities may be added using modern approaches such as annotations, orm-mapping or automatically generated forms ans lists within short time and with ease.

With version 4.0, Kajona breaks new ground. Many components such as the package-management, the new inline-editor or the form-generation will be extend and polished in future releases.
An overview of all scheduled changes may be obtained from the bugtrackers' roadmap.

Additional information can be found at the following sites:
Quick-Install-Guide for V4
Overview of the most noticeable changes
Explanations regarding the packagemanagement
Structure of a template-pack
Updating a V3 system

The new version can be obtained directly via SVN at
or as a regular download:

>> Download Kajona V4.0 All-in-one (all modules)

>> Download Kajona V4.0 Lite (navigation, pages, samplecontent, system only)

In addition the new version can be tested via our demo-system http://demo.kajona.de.

As always, the Kajona team looks forward to all questions and suggestions and offers help around Kajona in the board or via the contact form.

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