Kajona V5.0 "phartastic" released


Version 5.0 marks the beginning of a new era. Despite a complete rewritten fundament, Kajona V5 ships with an overhauled portal-editor and a new template-engine, rewritten from scratch.

After more then 1,5 years of development, the Kajona team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new major release Kajona V5.

The overhauled foundation and the new functionality are the main reasons for the long development time.

Starting with V5, Kajona is based on a rewritten framework, now following common design- and modern architecture patterns like namespaces and class-names based on the PSR recommendations. The dependency management is now handled by the newly introduced DI container.
The internal or mapper is now able to handle 1:n relations and resolves them optimized and lazyly. New list- and filter-structures enable the quick and comfortable customization of list-based views.
The whole deployment of the system was moved to a phar-archive based approach.
This means that Kajona no longer comes as a list of a few thousand files. Instead, each module is now packaged as a single, self-contained phar-archive. Updating a module is now no more then uploading and replacing a single file. The runtime integrated into Kajona takes care of anything else - e.g. the indexing of new packages and the possible extraction of static web-content.

Besides the modernization of the framework, the portal gained special attention during the restructuring, too.
The new default layout shipped with Kajona V5 is now based on vanilla Bootstrap V4 and presents itself as a sleek, minimal template. The removal of graphical finesse and details makes sure, the the template can be changed and adopted easily in no time. With no indirections.

In addition, the structure of templates was modernized and changed fundamentally. Templates are now based on a set of content-blocks while each block is made of a set of low-level elements, e.g. text-elements. Blocks are created as a whole, assuring to fit into the overall-layout. The default-template is based on blocks and illustrates the new concept.

Kajonas portal-editor is integrated into the system even more and provides a more accurate feedback to actions performed by the user. The editor was rewritten from scratch providing a way better user experience and usability. 

Due to the fundamental changes from Kajona V4 to Kajona V5, packages written for version 4 are no longer compatible to version 5. The community website KajonaBase will be kept online hosting the V4 packages for a certain time but will be set offline someday. Instead, community packages will integrated to Kajona.de and distributed by the package-management. The necessary functions will be added to the Kajona website within the next weeks. 

The upgrade of v4 installations to v5 is possible and supported officially. Details are provided in a special upgrade guide. While Kajona V5 just reached its first public release, the update for critical websites should be postponed to Kajona 5.1 or 5.2.

The Kajona default packages includes all relevant base-modules and can be downloaded right here:
>>> Download Kajona V5
Our quick install guide describes all relevant steps to install Kajona successfully in just a few minutes.

Additional packages may be installed using the integrated packagemanagement easily.
Why not giving the new version a try by throwing a glance at our running demo-system

As usual, the whole Kajona team is keen on reading you feedback, suggestions or questions. Feel free to ask fo help using our board or the contact formular.

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