Kajonix V1.4 available


Kajonix V1.4 - the Kajona Live CD - arrived on schedule to the OpenRheinRuhr exhibition in November.

New in V1.4 is the integration of the Kajona Language Editor. With this GUI you can easily edit the language files of the Kajona portal and backend.

For lack of space Eclipse was removed so the image size is less than 700 MB now.
Kajona is already configured as a project in Kajona Language Editor and NetBeans to give Kajona a quick an easy try.

The ISO can be downloaded for free at http://www.stefanbongartz.de/kajonix.

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11/25/2010 21:45:46
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KLE is great!
Hey! The Kajona language editor is great. I didn't recognized this tool. Tnx for the hint!
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