Looking at 2010 and to 2011


What happened in 2010 and what will 2011 bring? We'll have a first look.

The year 2011 has already begun, and it's already a tradition to sum up the past year before having a look what the new year will bring.

The year 2010 started with the work on the KajonaBase, Kajonas community site. Online since the first quarter of 2010, the KajonaBase is the central place to extend your Kajona installation with new elements, modules or templates.

Parallel to the development of the KajonaBase, the release 3.3.0 was officially announced around April 2010. The release introduced features such as tree-views for faster navigation, an improved portaleditor, an extended drag 'n drop integration and the initial support of SQLite.

Based on the previous release, version 3.3.1 was pushed to public around August 2010. As usual for a minor release, the list of new features wasn't that impressive, but, never the less, included functionalities such as a completely rewritten cache and the initial support for SQLite 3.

During our participation at the OpenRheinRuhr (an Open Source fair) we had interesting talks with folks from the os-community confirming that our approaches aren't that bad :-) Based on this conversations, the roadmap for Kajona 3.4 was created, including features as the support of MariaDB, an improved dashboard, reworked admin-dialogs and many more.
Even developers will have a better workflow, benefiting from new lifecycle methods and prepared statements. The further planning for Kajona 3.4 is accessible via our bugtrackers' roadmap.

In the meantime, the Kajona live-cd Kajonix was released in version 1.4, including Kajona 3.3.1 and more new features. We'd like to thank the Kajonix team for the hard work - thanks a lot!

To put it in a nutshell, the past year 2010 was rather quiet, reflecting in an overall number of downloads around "only" 24.000. But due to further manpower we can already say that the development speed will raise considerably in 2011.

To continuously enhance Kajona, we depend heavily on the feedback of the community, what worked really good in 2010 - thank you all for your feedback. In 2011 we hope for your participation and input - feel free to write us, even criticism is always welcome.

We hope to hear from you all,
The Kajona Team

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