Looking back at 2009 / forward to 2010


The end of 2009 is near, so it's time to draw a few conclusions - and to look forward to 2010s' upcoming new features.

And once more it's the end of the year and the new year is only a few hours away.
Since it's almost like a tradition to use these days between the years to write a few words about what happend this year and what we're planning for 2010, we don't want to break it this year.

The year 2009 was dedicated to the internationalization, introducing the languages Russian and Portuguese with Kajona 3.2.0 and Bulgarian with 3.2.1.
The development and release of the Kajona Language File Editor, a graphical application aiming to support the user-friendly and comfortable maintenance of the language-files, was the logical next step.

Looking at the releases, the 3.2 branch embossed the year 2009. This branch included a dialog-based administration, supporting the user by providing a faster workflow by reducing the load-times and the number of page-reloads. Futhermore, a multiple-file upload was integrated and the cogging of the filemanager with other modules was improved, resulting in a more intuitive experience when handling files, e.g. in the galeries or downloads.

From our point of view, the participation as an exhibitor at the Open Source fair OpenRheinRuhr was one of the most exiting events this year. We had the possibility to present Kajona to a broader audience and had a lot of interesting discussions.

This was the past - lets have a look into the future.
The upcoming release of Kajona, version 3.3, will bring a lot of new features under the hood. This includes the introduction of support for the database SQLite, an integrated PDF interface and a new library to create graphical charts.
The internal class-hierarchy will be redesigned, simplifying the creation of new modules. A reworked portaleditor will make the editing of contents even more comfortable.

But before the release of 3.3, the launch of the new KajonaBase is the upcoming event. KajonaBase is designed as a community portal, providing all the functions needed to easily upload, share and download extensions like modules, page elements, templates and also tutorials for Kajona. Be excited!

And, by the way, since it's almost mandatory: the download statistics. With over 22.500 downloads in 2009 we slightly increased the number of the previous year!

To put it in a nutshell - we look forward to an exiting year 2010, launching a lot of new features, including the KajonaBase. But - all this is only possible due to the feedback of the users and the help of our team - thank you very much for the great support in 2009. Let's continue 2010 on this base and we can reach anything ;-)

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