Looking back on 2008 - and forward to 2009


...a review what happend to Kajona and what is coming next...

Once again the time has come - the year 2008 draws to a close and the next year is just a couple of days away.

Like we did last year we use the time between the years to look back what happend to Kajona this year and look forward about what is coming next. After the definitely pleased year 2007 the positive trend could be continued in 2008:
The still increasing number of website and download hits shows that we're not totally wrong with our concept of Kajona³. Counting ~10,000 downloads in 2007 we could more than double this number to 22,000 downloads in 2008 - that's why the Kajona-Team is in best anticipation to the year 2009!

Even if it recently seems getting a little quite on kajona.de we're working hard behind the scenes on the coming release 3.2. Looking back, Kajona enhanced a lot with the versions 3.1 and 3.1.1 in 2008 - thinking about the AJAX-based dashboard, drag 'n drop features in the administration, PostgresSQL as a new supported database, user-comment features in the portal, a task-engine in the backend and some more major as well as minor extensions and features.

Also the next release 3.2 will - thanks to a grown development team - come up with half a dozen great new features and enhancements. In advance we want to mention that you will be able to edit images directly in Kajona, a new comfortable file upload will help you getting bunches of files into the system and a newsletter module is waiting for your mails to send out. According to our current roadmap, the first preview versions will be available for downloading and testing in the beginning of February 2009 - so stay tuned.

To keep on the rapid development and distribution of Kajona we still depent on your feedback and support - so please retain the perfect help of 2008. Thanks a lot to all of you sending us constructive criticism which was and is always welcome.

We wish all users, developers and friends all the best for 2009 and we thank you for the constructive year 2008. Exactly like it 2009 should go on! ;-)

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