Public Subversion access available


Developers who are using Kajona in their projects are now able to access the latest stage of development besides the regular releases with a public SVN account.

Using any Subversion client like the explorer extension TortoiseSVN for Windows, Kdesvn for Linux or the Eclipse plugin Subclipse, the latest features and changes can be tracked, tested and if applicable integrated into your project prior the next release.

Furthermore the SVN access can ease and improve the update process of a Kajona system in complex projects, because every change of code and files can be followed in detail.

However, more unexperienced developers should still use the ready-to-go release packages in our download section.


SVN repository of all releases

SVN repository of the latest stage of development (untested, not for use in productive environments!)

The login for both repositorys is guest/guest.


Active developers should ask for own logins with write permissions.

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