It took quite some time, but finally we made it - a new!

Finally we're there - the new website was launched!

Not only introducing a brand new, modern layout, we even tried to rearrange the structure of the website. Therefore, the main parts are now grouped to reflect the lifecycle of a vistor.


  • About Kajona - First background information about the system e.g. screenshots, licence et cetera
  • Downloads - Nothing more to add. The game begins.
  • Support - The system is up running, time for some modifications of the installation.
  • Development - Everything happening in the background. Subversion, roadmaps and more.

The new website is still under development and in a phase of heavy testing. Therefore, we're looking forward to your feedback - either by using the contact-form of by posting using our board.

Btw: is now running on a snapshot of the upcoming Kajona 3.4. Therefore it can't be that long until the release of the next beta-version ;).

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