Set up a V4 project


Only a few steps are required to run the current v4 development version.

This post should explain, how to set up the current v4 development branch as a running project.

To achieve this, do the following:

  • Create a new folder as the root of your kajona-project. E.g., if you want to have the project available as http://localhost/kajona4, create the folder "kajona4". The name may be chosen freely.
  • Within the folder created above, create a new folder named "core". In this case, the folder has to be named "core", otherwise the system may not be functional.
  • Navigate into the core-folder and do a checkout of the current development-branch by using your subversion-client of choice.  The url to checkout is: If you have svn available on your shell, the checkout-command would be:
    " svn co . "
  • Wait until the the checkout finished successfully. If you are asked for credential, use "guest" as username and "guest" as password, too. Afterwards, your core-folder should contain some files and folders. There may be a few additional files, but those are not relevant.
    • /_debugging
    • /module_system
    • /module_pages
    • /module_samplecontent
    • /module_system
    • /module_tags
    • .htaccess
    • bootstrap.php
    • setupproject.php
  • Open your browser and open the setupproject.php file within. If you named the first folder "kajona", the url would be something like
  • The script should print a list of commands executed, including some folders created and files copied. If you have a look into the "kajona4" folder, new folder should appear:
    • /core (as created manually)
    • /files
    • /project
    • /templates
    • .htaccess
    • debug.php
    • image.php
    • index.php
    • installer.php
    • xml.php
  • The setup of the project is nearly done. Only a last final step has to me made: Open the installer in your browser and follow the guided installation. Therefore, the installer.php file should be called. If you named the folder "kajona4", just open the url

Since the development of v4 is still in an early stage, expect to happen the unexpected. The system may crash, produce errors and eat all the cheese in your refrigerator. But nevertheless, it's a comfortable way to follow the development, to test and to give back feedback. And to start developing Kajona v4.

By the way - keeping the system up-to-date is a simple one: Open the core-folder in a shell and type "svn update". That's it. To make sure your projects' database is updated, too, open the installer again (using a browser) and check, if there are any updates.


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