Start of the V4 development


The journey begins: Kajona "revolution"

Today the Kajona Core team finalized the first ideas of the brainstorm-session at the Kajona Dev Con @ Düsseldorf.

Those features include:

  • a new backend skin
  • template packs
  • filesystem reorganization
  • backend-search
  • and many more

Brainstorming the Kajona way.

Since the development of v4 will face massive changes and reorganizations, the development cycle is expected to be longer then between minor releases.

The keep you updated, we'll try our best and keep you informed about the latest changes made to the codelines.

Please understand that the V4-blog posts will be published in german and english, depending on the author and the subject of the posts.

All changes may be followed via our subversion-repository or our bugtracker. The tickets scheduled for V4 are accessible by the bugtrackers' roadmap.


Many ideas are based on talks with users, above the OpenRheinRuhr 2011


Since we won't stop the development on v3 completely, there is a new branch containing the v3 upstream codeline. For more details refer to the svn-site.

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