The KajonaBase for V4 is online


An updated version of the KajonaBase, integrated into every Kajona-installation is online

Some of you might know the KajonaBase - a repository for all elements, modules and templates created by others for Kajona. But - in V3, the integration and installation of new content was rather tricky.

Starting with V4, Kajona is shipped with a full package-management - download and install new contents with just a few clicks. And that's were KajonaBase comes back in.

Located at

there'a a new, migrated and updated version of the KajonaBase, ready to take your packages for V4. The Base is already integrated into the latest nightly builds, so you may browse the Bases' contents from within your own Kajona v4 installation.

Download a nightly build, install it and test the connection. And - start creating content for v4 and upload your packages to KajonaBase.

As usual, there's still some tweaking to do. But the funtionality in general is already up and running.

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