The new admin skin for Kajona V4


Check out the first drafts

Since Kajona V4 will come up with lots of improvements and modern technologies under the hood we also want to deliver it with a brand new layout for the administration. The current layout did a great job - but after 5 years it's time for a change!

In August 2011 we started with some raw scribbles and developed first wireframes to get some impressions how the new layout should look and feel. One of the main ideas was to use the whole available screen size since the fixed width of the current admin skin doesn't look that well on common widescreen displays. Furthermore the new global search and a global breadcrumb navigation should be always accessible.

Kajona V4 Admin Skin Wireframe

Based on our wireframes, Johannes from medienfisch created a really nice design:

Kajona V4 Admin Skin Design

Have a look and tell us what you think - feedback is always appreciated.

In the upcoming months we'll work on a complete rewrite of many parts of the admin skin. It will probably be based on Bootstrap and jQuery instead of YUI. So stay tuned ;-)

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