config-files in v4


The new and flexible way config-files will work in v4.

In Kajona V3, all relevant settings are controlled by either the backends' system-settings or by the config.php-file stored at /system/config.php.
The flexibility of tweaking your system via the admin-panel will remain, don't worry. But the way config-files are treated will change.
Each update of Kajona could introduce new config-values to the global config.php. This happend in v3 and will probably be happening in v4, too.
To remain compatible with the latest changes and features, the admin of a v3 system has to merge the config-files each update manually. This procedure is way too error-prone, we think. Therefore, the Kajona team reworked the parsing and handling of config-files.

As you may have noticed, an installed v4-system makes use of two config.php files. On is located at
whereas another is located at

You already guessed it: The one located under /core is the file shipped with the Kajona-installation, the one under /project is the file for your specific installation.
The file at
is a fully featured config-file containing all possible entries. And this file could  - and will - be overwritten when you update the installation. So you shouldn't change the file.
As already expected: All changes and installation-specific values go into
If you open the file created by the installer (/project/system/config/config.php), you'll see the credentials to access the database as provided to the installer.

If you want to change additional values from the file located under /core, just copy the setting to your /projects' file and change the value.
E.g. if you want to change the value of the loggers granularity, copy the entry

$debug['debuglogging']          = 1;


$debug['debuglogging']          = 2;

That's it. The system recognizes that you want to overwrite the setting and uses the value as provided by your projects' config-file.

To put it in a nutshell:
In V4, there is a fully-featured, fallback config-file under /core/module_system/system/config/config.php.
There's absolutely no change to edit this file, since all changes are added to the projects' config-file under /project/system/config/config.php redefining the values from the /cores' file.

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