Kajona V5 packages

Kajona packages are available using the integrated packagemanagement, too. There's no need to download a package manually.
You may add your own packages using "My Kajona", the userbased package repository.
Allows users to sign up and create an account using the portal.
Version: 6.2
A module to organize frequently asked questions, Questions may be categorized. The different layout modes are achieved by the templates.
Version: 6.2.1
The module search provides a full-text search for both, backend and portal. It respects permissions and status of all records.
Version: 6.2
Redirects the visitor to the current page in another language. This is useful if you want to have the current site being listed in the navigation even there's now real content given for the current la…
The packagemanager wraps all logic to handle packages on the client side. It queries remote-repositories and downloads new or updated packages from them. In addition, the packagemanager handles the lo…
Want a "like my page on facebook" button on your site? Then this element is yours.
Version: 6.2
A complex workflow-engine to trigger events by multiple triggers.
Version: 6.2
The dashboard is the entry-page of the backend. Current information is displayed by simple widgets.
Version: 6.2
Tries to obfuscate mail-addresses on your website using some js and css technique in order to prevent bots from harvesting your mail-addresses.
No additional scripts required.
Renders the date of the pages' last modification.
Version: 6.2
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